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Nourish Your Body This Winter by Eating & Living Healthy

Winter months bring with them their own set of challenges! We need to take special care of our bodies to stay healthy and happy during these months. Here are our top 6 winter tips to help you enjoy a safe & happy winter:

What to eat:

When it comes to winter health, managing your diet will help you win half the battle. Certain foods are rich in specific vitamins, minerals & other essential goodness that will contribute to maintaining a healthy immune system. Citrus fruits such as oranges, for example, are rich in Vitamin C that fights against the flu. On the other hand, Omega 3 found in walnuts, cashews, almonds & fish, energises the body to fight lethargy and maintain a healthy metabolic rate. Dairy products such as yoghurt & milk are also power foods for the immune system.

What to drink:

It is a misconception that just because you don’t sweat as much during the winter, the water intake required by your body is less. Depending on your level of physical activity in a day, a minimum of 8-12 glasses of water are recommended, even during winter. You can also get your water content in the form of water rich fruit & veggies such as melons & cucumbers. Water helps cleanse your system of impurities, controls your appetite and acts as an overall detox.

How much to exercise:

Ideally, one should not deviate from their regular exercise regime, during winters. However, a way to accommodate the change in weather change in your routine is by modifying your schedule, slightly. Go for your walk or run in the evening, when the weather is warmer, rather than braving the cold mornings.

Skincare for the winter:

It is important to pay extra attention to your skincare routine in the winter months. This not only keeps your looking bright & radiant on the outside, but also to keeps your physical health in check. Balms and lotions are essential for the cold months. Limit your time in the shower to prevent dryness. Remember, your skin is the largest and most exposed organ of your body – do not take it for granted!

Rest your body:

Lack of sleep affects general bodily functions which in turns leads to a weakened immune system. Research has shown that even a slight variation in sleep (1 hr less/day) influences the capacity of our bodies to fight disease causing viruses. At the same time, we must remember not to go overboard! It is extremely tempting to cuddle up under our blankets during the cold months and get some extra shut-eye. However, such an indulgence slows our metabolic rate, induces lethargy and interferes with our regular routines. Make sure you do not alter your sleep routine in winter.

Pay attention to hygiene:

We are more prone to diseases and infections in the winter months. To counter the effects of the same, we need to pay closer attention to our personal hygiene. Some of the ways in which we can do this are listed below:

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Do not share mugs, plates & other utensils (helps to avoid cold sores)
  • Ventilate your house well
  • Wash & sun-dry your bedding & linen
  • Boil your drinking water


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